A Brief Introduction

I was never very good at introductions. They always feel like a long laundry list of who I am and it always feels so stale. Besides, where's the fun in getting to know someone if everything is laid out before you first thing?

I am an every day woman; a wife to a good man and a mother to two little boys. They fill my life with love, happiness, and simplicity.. In quiet moments, you can find me creating through crocheting, writing, drawing, or filling up my bullet journal. Give me good company, a warm beverage,and deep conversation and this sociable introvert will be content.

While I have dreams and goals for the future, I am blessed to be living my biggest dream through my vocations to marriage and motherhood. All else is icing on the spice cake. In the meantime, you can find me sipping my cold coffee, chasing my boys, and raising them to be giants.

The Coming Weeks

Thirty-six weeks yesterday. This last trimester seems to have flown by. Hard to believe in a month or less we will be snuggling this little ...